Looking for love?

Love - What is it?Love - people often think love is romance or, that it exists in close familial relationships only. So we pursue these relationships, hoping we’ll be loved or feel loved. Is this love?

To know what love is, let's consider the word "Metta" (a term used in Buddhist texts).  Metta is not romance, not intimacy, not lust, not attachment. Some people even call it pure love.  The traditional translation is, 'loving-kindness'. Yet, it's just another word. For a practitioner, it's still hard to grasp what that is, in reality or real-life.

Metta is a mental state - therefore it's real.  And, it comes with only 2 types of feelings.  It's neutral when it's weak, or pleasant if it's strong.  It never comes with pain nor does it produce pain.  Never.  In order for you to truly recognise it, you need to experience it, be aware of it and know it. 

Here are some brief pointers from the Metta Meditation Handbook, that could help build an…

Humility, humanity and harmony

Many might be feeling anxious as the covid-19 situation evolves.  It's more important now than ever to practise Metta (Love) and Understanding. Practise love through caring words and actions (including physical distancing). Love heals. Awareness and knowledge could stop the spreading this pandemic. Cultivate and spread love and understanding instead. Not hate, blame or fear.

A few people I know have lost their jobs, many have no income, some are homeless.  Friends in the States fear attacks motivated by racism.  Many are suffering from this uncertainty.  But, caring alleviates stress and fear.   Do and say something kind today. 

“Why is it necessary to extend Metta beyond self?” A meditator asked.  It’s very simple.  No one exists alone, even if you’re a hermit.

There’s a story of an award winning corn farmer, who shared his seed corn with his neighbours.  The reporter who interviewed him was surprised, “How can you afford to share your best seed with your neighbour when they too…